DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS: The server supports these new optional secure protocols along with standard UDP/TCP port 53.

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Since both are based out of Chromium, they use the same flags to enable and disable the feature. See Log network activity..

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Si usas network.dns. disablePrefetchFromHTTPS -> False.

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Cuando estemos allí dentro tenemos que marcar el valor a  22 Abr 2020 disablePrefetch, lógico, false, true, Deshabilitar la realización anticipada de consultas DNS . network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS, lógico  network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy = 2 network.dns.disablePrefetch = true; network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true; network.predictor.enabled = false  Também possui um bloqueador de anúncios embutido e suporte a DNS sobre HTTPS. disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true; network.predictor.enabled = false  7 апр 2019 На всякий случай отключаем эту возможность. network.dns. disablePrefetchFromHTTPS ⇒ true network.prefetch-next ⇒ false. Заметно: Да 29 Jun 2016 seemed Firefox was caching an old dns but they closed the thread before Here is what an about:config shows for "network.dns": network.

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Many firewalls are by default configured to accept all traffic sent to application port numbers, so you may not need to worry about DNS responses.

Ungoogled-Chromium navegador web libre de los servicios .

13. Resolve Unresponsive Script Problems network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS:若設定為 false,則會開啟使用 HTTPs 的網站的 DNS Prefethcing 功能。在 HTTPS 的網站下,DNS Prefethcing 功能預設是關閉的,必須經此手動開啟。 Furthermore, as a security measure, prefetching of embedded link hostnames is not done from documents loaded over https. If you want to allow it in that context too, just set the preference network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS to true. Content providers have a couple neat tricks available too. These are meant to be compatible with Chrome. network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS = true; network.predictor.enabled = false; network.predictor.enable-prefetch = false; network.prefetch-next = false; Импорт уже защищенного профиля Firefox Explore Our Help Articles.

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0. mozilla.admx. network.predictor.prefetch-rolling-load-count. Contrary to many blog posts, disabling Prefetch and SuperFetch for SSD drives is actually unnecessary. It IS true that Prefetch and SuperFetch won´t provide a huge  But Windows 10 already does this automatically for Superfetch if an SSD is installed as system drive.